Ricardo Martins

My Rack

This is my home rack that I used for my CCIE Routing and Switching.




R1 = Cisco 2610XM – 128/32
R2 = Cisco 2610XM – 128/32
R3 = Cisco 3640 – 128/32
R4 = Cisco 3640 – 128/32
R5 = Cisco 2611XM – 256/48 – 2FXS
R6 = Cisco 2651XM – 128/32 – 2FXS
R7 = Cisco 1750 – 2FXS
BB1 = Cisco 2501
BB2 = Cisco 2610
BB3 = Cisco 2610
FR = Cisco 2523
SW1 = Cisco 3550 EMI
SW2 = Cisco 3550 EMI
SW3 = Cisco 2950
“SW4” = Cisco 1721
TS = Cisco 2511
ADSL = Cisco 877
Wireless = Linksys WRT54G2
2 Analog phones, 1 Cisco 7940

This is my new home rack that I am using at the moment to prepare to the CCIE Service Provider. I lent some routers to a friend and brought new in.

R1 = Cisco 7204VXR – NPE-400 XM – 512/64
R2 = Cisco 7204VXR – NPE-400 XM – 512/64
R3 = Cisco 3640 – 128/32
R4 = Cisco 3640 – 128/32 – 2FXS
R5 = Cisco 2651XM – 128/32 – 2FXS
R6 = Cisco 2811 – 256/64
R7 = Cisco 3550 EMI
R8 = Cisco 3550 EMI
BB1 = Cisco 2501
BB2 = Cisco 2610
BB3 = Cisco 2610
FR = Cisco 2523
TS = Cisco 2511
ADSL = Cisco 877
Wireless = Linksys WRT54G2
2 Analog phones, 1 Cisco 7940


24 Responses to “My Rack”

  1. Fernandes said

    Bom dia,

    Oi camarada estou me preparando para o ccie written e seu lab e realmente formidavel.

    Sou Brasileiro do Rio de Janeiro. Caso queira trocar informações meu e-mail e

  2. Sidi said

    Very impressive.You are one of the last engineers who love Technology instead of braindumping.
    Keep up with the good work.
    I have a home lab myself (I live in the US)and it is coolllllllll.
    My CCIE is due on june 09.

    Peace Ciscool.


  3. This is great man! you rock!

  4. Paulo Franco said

    Great Machinery, for a Great Battle! 🙂

    Good luck…

    Don’t let the network fatten too much your legs… and for sure: rather lost in the Forest then in the Net! eheheheeh

    keep up with the good work.



    No wonder You have 20+ certifications within a very short period. You are a NETWORK “CRAZY” person.Keep up the good work on your BLOG!!!! How can I build this type of Lab for myself in Africa?.I have started my CCNP.

  6. Shane said

    Excellent stuff man!
    Is this enought to follow the internetwork expert topology because I have been thinking about building something along these lines if It can support it.

  7. Ricardo Martins said

    Yes guys, this is more than enough to build a good rack.
    If i get my CCIE R&S, I will be buying more routers and stuff.

  8. Mohamed Patel said

    Congratulations on your certification ricardo.
    Can you contact me. i will like to have a chat regarding mutual redistribution.


  9. michel said

    hey dude. do u rent ur rack? would be awesome learn with that monster let me know im on my way to get my CCIE 🙂

  10. Fabrice said

    Hi Ricardo, very good lab, I have almost the same setup in my bedroom, I have been preparing for the CCIE RS for about a year now and count two unsuccessfull attemps but very close, I will try to read the Cisco Documentation cover to cover as suggested in some area where I am short. Thanks for the motivation and by the way I am in the UK(birmingham) we can arrange to meet up and share some drink. keep up the good work.

  11. Mohamed Patel said

    Hi Ricardo, can you please advice me if a Cisco 6400 or a Cisco 10008 or a Cisco 7609 can replace the LS1010.

  12. Ricardo Martins said

    You dont need a LS1010. Cell mode is like 5% of your whole exam probably, mostly u need to know frame mode.

  13. ben said

    hi man , i just completed my MSC in networking, i need u r advice for setuping a lab with minmal requirements to do CCNP, CCDA, CCNA security, CCNA voice, could u please suggest me with cisco products what all i need to buy
    please reply man,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  14. Kashan said

    i want to change default port h323 in cisco router.
    Because default port is 1720 TCP. and I want to change in other port which DSL operator I am using the blocked 1720 port.

    • Ricardo Martins said

      ip port-map h323 port 1720

      • Kashan said

        Thanks Ricardo,
        I have another question, I want to create a VPN.
        Site A with Cisco Router 2801 with Static IP
        Site B with Cisco Router 1751 with Dynamic IP

        Can I create VPN router to router? If yes, please give me some examples.

        Thanks in advance.

  15. ari said

    very amazing …
    you have you’re own real lab, with a lot of stuff.
    you proper to receive the number ..

  16. Oliver said

    That looks impressive. But I have a question, and I hope you don’t mind if I pick your brains:

    I’m about to embark on studying for the CCNA also, and like you, I prefer to get my hands dirty with REAL equiment, rather than messing around on similators. I would like to know what sort of Cisco equipment I should be buying. I have ordered a new Cisco 1760 with two 10Mb WICs and a hardware encryption module, and next week a Cisco 2621XM should be winging its way to me, too. Will just two routers be enough for the CCNA? Do I also need to buy a managed switch? Do I need an IOS-equipped layer-3 one with trunking and full tagged-VLAN capability, or for now, can I buy something a little cheaper?

    Kindest regards,


    • Ricardo Martins said

      Buy a 2950 switch 50 pounds on ebay, a 2610xm, 100 pounds and a 877 adsl if u like. The 877 is 150 pounds and has all the newest features and its cool, for home adsl too. It really depends how much are u looking to spend here.

  17. Mike said

    Hi, Here i am starting out on my CCIE path. So first things first i felt i neeeded a rack. No more messing with idle pc values- i felt i needed the hands on thing completed with spagettie junction of cables. So i have bought a CCIE lab off ebay after much saving and time. Here is the list of equipment
    8 x 3640 Router 32MB Flash 128MB Dram
    3 x 2620 Router 16MB Flash 64MB Dram
    2511 Terminal Server + Ethernet Transceiver

    2522 10 Port Frame-Relay Router 1u

    3 x 3550 24 Port Switch 3u
    1 x 3550 48 Port Switch 1u

    I bought a 32U rack to fit it on.

    I NEED ADVICE ….I don’t want to have to be assembling the rack multiple times to find out that cable dont reach the routers or switches as required…. so can anyone just list from the top how they placed their routers and switches. I would be very grateful


  18. Luigi said

    I have read your cisco storyboard and I say you that you are best and very lucky in your life…
    I would meeting you to know too much about cisco world..but isn’t possible.
    I tray to make conf on my cisco routers but I ask me always if conf is correct or not! 🙂
    Pleasure to meet you!
    Bye Luigi

  19. Hi All,

    Just came across your site. Pretty interesting. I work for a company in Bristol that resells used Telecoms/IP equipment. If any of you need cheap cisco for your studies feel free to drop me a line.


    PICS Telecom Int Ltd.
    Dominic House
    Blackfriars Road
    BS48 4DJ

    Phone: +44 (0) 1275 853 388

  20. EdwinBar said

    Its really nice posting. I think it would be helpful for all. Thank you for sharing with us.
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  21. JeremyRom said

    Oh ! Tremendous job. Thank you for sharing with us. I wish you go ahead for long run.
    CCIE Rack Rental

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