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CompTIA Linux+ and Project+

Posted by Ricardo Martins on July 26, 2009

Lately, I have been quite busy lately, studying, working, not having as much time as I wanted to write in my blog. I am also in the process of moving to a new job but it hasn’t been particularly easy. Most jobs I have applied to, you need CCIE, Linux, team leading experience and loads of networking experience in the pocket.
All in all, I say that Project management experience and networking designing skills is what the market is demanding now.

That’s why I’m taking two CompTIA certifications Linux+ and Project+.

I have installed UBUNTU on my desktop at home, dual boot with Windows Vista and I must say that I am very impressed

Check it out:

And the good news is that it’s not as nearly difficult as I thought. I was actually really surprised with the amount memory it consumes, something between 80Kb and 220Kb depending on what you are doing or using it for.

If you want to try it, you can either dual boot or just run it in Vmware. As you know there are a lot of different Linux distributions out there, but UBUNTU is very good and has a huge community and support. Their online documentation is simply great. Check their website UBUNTU
If you don’t have Vmware you can use Virtual Box for free. Yep, I love free stuff!!

Anyhow, I am a Cisco guy hehe, so I am still taking the CCIE SP this year, but for now, Linux+ and project+ to bring something new into my career.
I don’t think right now, just having routing and switching skills gets you in high paid jobs.

Just a final word, I passed my CCVP GWGK 2 weeks ago.
Happy studies!

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Cisco Expert – One month for the CCIE SP Lab

Posted by Ricardo Martins on May 8, 2009

Hello everyone!

Lately, I haven’t felt like writting much here because I have been sick. Just recovered from a kidney stone that finally has passed out and was causing huge pain.

I am now one month for the CCIE SP lab and to be honest I still need to master many topics. I have a good general view about everything but I just need to keep on practice. It seems that once you start studying on Cisco World there’s no way out. I give you a good example. I am a CCIE R&S but I keep studying for it on a daily basis, so I am up to date with all the new technologies.

Very soon, I want to understand topics like IPV6 multicast, Performance Routing (PfR), Optimized Edge Routing (OER) and EEM (Embedded Event Manager). By the way, these are new topics for the new R&S, but for me, I just want to learn them for real world.

Anyways…time to pass my SP

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Cisco Expert – CCIE SP RACK is in tha House

Posted by Ricardo Martins on February 6, 2009

Alright, I have been a CCIE for a week and it feels wonderful, but I just cant settle down, I am too young for that ūüôā

That’s why since I came back from Brussels, I probably already studied for CCIE SP for a good 10 – 15 hours and let me tell you, Service Provider is awesome stuff. I borrowed 2 cisco 7204 VXR, NPE-400 and 1 Cisco 2811.

This is my new rack:

Basically this is what I had:
R1 = Cisco 2610XM – 128/32
R2 = Cisco 2610XM – 128/32
R3 = Cisco 3640 – 128/32
R4 = Cisco 3640 – 128/32
R5 = Cisco 2611XM – 256/48 – 2FXS
R6 = Cisco 2651XM – 128/32 – 2FXS
R7 = Cisco 1750 – 2FXS
BB1 = Cisco 2501
BB2 = Cisco 2610
BB3 = Cisco 2610
FR = Cisco 2523
SW1 = Cisco 3550 EMI
SW2 = Cisco 3550 EMI
SW3 = Cisco 2950
“SW4″ = Cisco 1721
TS = Cisco 2511
ADSL = Cisco 877
Wireless = Linksys WRT54G2
2 Analog phones, 1 Cisco 7940

And now what I have:
R1 = Cisco 7204VXR – NPE-400 XM – 512/64
R2 = Cisco 7204VXR – NPE-400 XM – 512/64
R3 = Cisco 3640 – 128/32
R4 = Cisco 3640 – 128/32 – 2FXS
R5 = Cisco 2651XM – 128/32 – 2FXS
R6 = Cisco 2811 – 256/64
R7 = Cisco 3550 EMI
R8 = Cisco 3550 EMI
BB1 = Cisco 2501
BB2 = Cisco 2610
BB3 = Cisco 2610
FR = Cisco 2523
TS = Cisco 2511
ADSL = Cisco 877
Wireless = Linksys WRT54G2
2 Analog phones, 1 Cisco 7940

The only thing I am missing is the 2 modules PA – 4T for the 7204 but they will arrive next Tuesday. I also don’t have a LS1010 ATM Switch so I use a back-to-back ATM connection from R1 to R2. At this point, I am not quite sure exactly what features will I lose with just a back-to-back connection. But I will find out!

Happy studying!

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Cisco Expert – What a cool laptop HP 2133!

Posted by Ricardo Martins on October 29, 2008

I tell you what, going to a client site, pull out a HP 2133, a console cable and start applying configuration to the router it is another league. These laptops are so cool and so small. My girlfriend was trying to find a laptop for her so I recommended to buy this one

EEE PC would have been also a good choice but the reason I bought the HP (no not because I am a HP employee) its because EEE PC keyboard is very bad and doesn’t have a hard disk or at least they are very limited 4 to 8 Gb I believe.

So far so good, the only think I may have to point out is that they get hot really fast, as you imagine they don’t have a very sophisticated fan system.

In conclusion, the whole point of this laptop is TELNET…just kidding…I meant SSH.. ;P

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Cisco Expert – My little Baby = Cisco Rack

Posted by Ricardo Martins on October 2, 2008

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately, as much as I would like to write something in my blog every single day, I have been really busy lately studying, working and so on, and soon I will be a daddy. My Lab will be in a month in Brussels, so I kinda need to study all the time.

Anyways here are some pictures of my home rack, all bought in the ebay piece by piece.

Yes, this is where I spend 3 to 6 hours every day after work preparing for the CCIE R/S.

If I pass it, I will ugpgrade the rack for Service Provider, I am also buying Cisco phones (I only have one) and couple of analog phones to connect to 6 FXS ports I have. I will buy a rack server as well to have WIn2003 Server with a CA authority, TACACS, Radius and AD to play with. And of course Call Manager.

Happy studies to everyone…

R1 = Cisco 2610XM – 128/32
R2 = Cisco 2610XM – 128/32
R3 = Cisco 3640 – 128/32
R4 = Cisco 3640 – 128/32
R5 = Cisco 2611XM – 256/48 – 2FXS
R6 = Cisco 2651XM – 128/32 – 2FXS
R7 = Cisco 1750 – 2FXS
BB1 = Cisco 2501
BB2 = Cisco 2610
BB3 = Cisco 2610
FR = Cisco 2523
SW1 = Cisco 3550 EMI
SW2 = Cisco 3550 EMI
SW3 = Cisco 2950
“SW4” = Cisco 1721
TS = Cisco 2511
2 Analog phones, 1 Cisco 7940

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Cisco Expert – 2 months for the LAB

Posted by Ricardo Martins on September 12, 2008

I will be taking the lab exactly 2 months from now. I already did 10 out of 20 Internetwork expert labs and I am starting to feel more confident all the time. I am trying to calm down but I just feel like doing the lab as soon as possible. At this point I know I can score high, I just don’t know if I can pass on my first attempt. I supose everything depends on the type of questions and so on.

I practice every day 3 to 4 hours, between 9 pm and 1 am. It just feels so nice to apply configuration to my own rack at home. I have everyhting except the 3560’s but oh well…

I just got a bunch of phones yesterday and I cant help doing some voice labs, I should be studying for R/S hehe.

Anyways, I’m getting the feeling I will become a CCIE even though I might not pass on the first attempt…

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Cisco Expert – Very busy!!

Posted by Ricardo Martins on August 14, 2008

Yes…Finally I started Internetwork Expert workbook II towards my preparation to the CCIE Lab on 12th of November. I have done the workbook I couple of times, so from now on just daily labs over and over again. I still didn’t get all the switches I need to, so I have been skipping¬† some of the switching questions which I have to get back to it later.

Anyway, I just love to seat with a cup of coffee in my office at home, in my own rack doing all those labs. I gotta confess, if I would go to the lab tomorrow I wouldnt get over 50 points probably. I just get so pissed off with those difficult level 9 and 10 Labs which ask you the most freaking questions. They are just testing you to the limit. I dont even consider that networking anymore ūüôā

I would say if the real lab would be around level 6, I could maybe pass it on the first attempt but…. level 8 and 9 it is for maniacs…with absolutely mental redistribution scenarios, IPV6 tunnels and Multicast with tunnels (a miracle if you can ping your multicast group at all)…

After all, CCIE is not for everyone out there…Hope it is for me ūüôā

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Cisco Expert – Back home

Posted by Ricardo Martins on July 12, 2008

I will fly home today (Belfast, Northern Ireland). It was a very nice vacation in Finland where I have lived 5 years before but it is all over now.

Now it is time to get back to my CCIE R/S preparation. My Lab is scheduled for 12th Nov. so I have 4 months now to practice over and over again doing labs. My home rack is almost ready.

I got:

R1 – 2610xm – 128 dram, 32 flash
R2 – 2610xm – 128 dram, 32 flash
R3 – 3640 – 128, 32
R4 – 3640 – 128, 32
R5 – 2611xm – 128, 32
R6 – 2651xm – 256 dram, 48 flash – That’s my golden router where I will have CME 4.1 and nm-2v module with 2fxs and 2fxo for some voice stuff
FRS – 2523
TermServ – 2511
BB1 – 2501
BB2 – 2610
BB3 – 2610
SW1 – 3550

I am lacking another 3 switches which will be 3550’s but I will have these very soon.
Anyway, with 1 switch, you can practice all the routing stuff, 2 switches,you can practice all the switch stuff as well. 3 and 4 switches are used for the type of questions where you need to draw diagrams and make traffic engineering at switching level.

I will be posting more stuff here very soon

Once again holidays were nice, here some pictures:

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Cisco Expert – Holiday!!

Posted by Ricardo Martins on July 5, 2008

Hello everyone!!

I have been very busy lately that’s why I haven’t really posted anything lately. I was at Cisco in Dublin for a day for some gold partner training. Then back in Belfast, I was sent 3 days for some HP IT Management training where I had an exam in the end. Still waiting for the result…hehe

After that, I was finally back at my normal day routine. I’m actually very happy that I work for a¬†big company like HP, so¬†I get to go to all these nice trainings.

We are buliding a new project at moment with some new scurity devices, ASA 5510. I had done my CCSP some time ago, but never really had the chance to configure anything related to security in production. It was actually very nice to learn more about it and do some configuration. Cisco has a nice ASDM wizard to easy implement the configurations but I love CLI. However, looks like to me that for implementing secutiry these days, starts to be very hard doing it via CLI.

Anyway, I am in holiday now, just arrived yesterday in Finland where I will stay for a week, I lived here about 5 years before, so I decided to come and visit some friends. We (me and my girlfriend) have a cottage somewhere in north of finland near a lake where we can go fishing in a boat or so. I can already imagine myself, in the boat fishing, in the middle of the lake, with my laptop doing GNS labs..hehe..just kidding..

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Cisco Expert – Welcome to Cisco Expert Blog

Posted by Ricardo Martins on June 27, 2008

I just decided to start a blog. Yes, I know it is just another blog out there. I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog for the fact that it would help preparing myself to the CCIE R/S Lab. This way, while I post some technology configuration and the way it works it will help me to learn it better.

I have invited a friend that works with me, to participated in this blog. I believe it is lot funnier to write a blog with 2 people when they both share the same level of motivation.

Another reason I am starting this blog is because it is just nice for others to come and read someone elses experience about something they like. I actually every day visit 4 or 5 different blogs out there, it is just so enjoyable to read about something I love. Yes, we all know, we do this because we find network lovely.

A quick introduction here

My name is Ricardo Martins, I live in Northern Ireland at the moment, I am 26 and I am originally from Portugal. I work for Hewlett Packard since beginning 2008.



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