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Cisco Expert – Cisco Certified Architect

Posted by Ricardo Martins on June 30, 2009

Cisco has just introduced a new certification called Cisco Certified Architect. My opinion…awesome…:)

If CCDE is already hard and good, Architect is even better. I have always thought CCDE would be something for every single Cisco Engineer to chase on the long run anyways. Don’t take me wrong, I love configuration, I can spend hours looking at my green terminal typing config, but the truth is that eventually every single engineer after maybe 10 years of experience would like to design solutions and networks and of course be certified on it.

Cisco Certified Architect requires a CCDE.

All the information concerning this certification can be found here

This picture is straight from Cisco’s website and shows all the certifications available:

I have actually ordered 2 books from Amazon, one for IP Network Designs and the other MPLS Designs. Maybe I will give a try on the CCDE Written to start with….Nope, I’m not going for the Architect :), not just yet hehe

In other news:

For the people who read this forum…Guys I didn’t make it on time to the CCIE SP Lab in Brussels. I was on my way to the airport when I just realized that my Credit Card had been canceled by mistake. It did caught me by surprise and I decided not to take the Lab. Unfortunately, I lost the money I had paid for the Lab and for the flights. But…I will take the SP lab quite soon anyways.

Actually my plan for the rest of the year is:

CCNA Wireless Exam (Starting…)
CCDE Written (Maybe)
CCIE SP Lab (Very soon)

Well, I won’t be making all of these this year, but I will start to do some of it. Life ain’t just studying and work…


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