Ricardo Martins

Cisco Expert – One month for the CCIE SP Lab

Posted by Ricardo Martins on May 8, 2009

Hello everyone!

Lately, I haven’t felt like writting much here because I have been sick. Just recovered from a kidney stone that finally has passed out and was causing huge pain.

I am now one month for the CCIE SP lab and to be honest I still need to master many topics. I have a good general view about everything but I just need to keep on practice. It seems that once you start studying on Cisco World there’s no way out. I give you a good example. I am a CCIE R&S but I keep studying for it on a daily basis, so I am up to date with all the new technologies.

Very soon, I want to understand topics like IPV6 multicast, Performance Routing (PfR), Optimized Edge Routing (OER) and EEM (Embedded Event Manager). By the way, these are new topics for the new R&S, but for me, I just want to learn them for real world.

Anyways…time to pass my SP

6 Responses to “Cisco Expert – One month for the CCIE SP Lab”

  1. Big Evil said

    Hi Ricardo, i read on JC’s blog that you were nearly ready for the CCIE SP.
    I wish you well i am sure you will pass first time.

    Sorry to hear about your kidney stone, ouch comes to mind!


  2. Nice to see you back! Sorry to hear about your recent illness. But good luck on your SP studies.

  3. Ricardo Martins said

    Thanks Aragoen…Im back in the horse…

  4. Brandon James said

    This is wicked! You are the bomb. Just started on the R and S track. Was wondering what material would be most useful. Books, Labs, and anything. Thanks.

  5. Ricardo Martins said

    IE expert without doucbt for R&S. Keep in mind that it is gonna be a long journey due to the new changes and the blueprint, including topics like MPLS

  6. Lomanson said

    CCIECERT has released new CCIE SPv3 workbook.

    Have a look at their site.

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