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Cisco Expert – One month for the CCIE SP Lab

Posted by Ricardo Martins on May 8, 2009

Hello everyone!

Lately, I haven’t felt like writting much here because I have been sick. Just recovered from a kidney stone that finally has passed out and was causing huge pain.

I am now one month for the CCIE SP lab and to be honest I still need to master many topics. I have a good general view about everything but I just need to keep on practice. It seems that once you start studying on Cisco World there’s no way out. I give you a good example. I am a CCIE R&S but I keep studying for it on a daily basis, so I am up to date with all the new technologies.

Very soon, I want to understand topics like IPV6 multicast, Performance Routing (PfR), Optimized Edge Routing (OER) and EEM (Embedded Event Manager). By the way, these are new topics for the new R&S, but for me, I just want to learn them for real world.

Anyways…time to pass my SP

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