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Cisco Expert – CCIE SP RACK is in tha House

Posted by Ricardo Martins on February 6, 2009

Alright, I have been a CCIE for a week and it feels wonderful, but I just cant settle down, I am too young for that 🙂

That’s why since I came back from Brussels, I probably already studied for CCIE SP for a good 10 – 15 hours and let me tell you, Service Provider is awesome stuff. I borrowed 2 cisco 7204 VXR, NPE-400 and 1 Cisco 2811.

This is my new rack:

Basically this is what I had:
R1 = Cisco 2610XM – 128/32
R2 = Cisco 2610XM – 128/32
R3 = Cisco 3640 – 128/32
R4 = Cisco 3640 – 128/32
R5 = Cisco 2611XM – 256/48 – 2FXS
R6 = Cisco 2651XM – 128/32 – 2FXS
R7 = Cisco 1750 – 2FXS
BB1 = Cisco 2501
BB2 = Cisco 2610
BB3 = Cisco 2610
FR = Cisco 2523
SW1 = Cisco 3550 EMI
SW2 = Cisco 3550 EMI
SW3 = Cisco 2950
“SW4″ = Cisco 1721
TS = Cisco 2511
ADSL = Cisco 877
Wireless = Linksys WRT54G2
2 Analog phones, 1 Cisco 7940

And now what I have:
R1 = Cisco 7204VXR – NPE-400 XM – 512/64
R2 = Cisco 7204VXR – NPE-400 XM – 512/64
R3 = Cisco 3640 – 128/32
R4 = Cisco 3640 – 128/32 – 2FXS
R5 = Cisco 2651XM – 128/32 – 2FXS
R6 = Cisco 2811 – 256/64
R7 = Cisco 3550 EMI
R8 = Cisco 3550 EMI
BB1 = Cisco 2501
BB2 = Cisco 2610
BB3 = Cisco 2610
FR = Cisco 2523
TS = Cisco 2511
ADSL = Cisco 877
Wireless = Linksys WRT54G2
2 Analog phones, 1 Cisco 7940

The only thing I am missing is the 2 modules PA – 4T for the 7204 but they will arrive next Tuesday. I also don’t have a LS1010 ATM Switch so I use a back-to-back ATM connection from R1 to R2. At this point, I am not quite sure exactly what features will I lose with just a back-to-back connection. But I will find out!

Happy studying!

15 Responses to “Cisco Expert – CCIE SP RACK is in tha House”

  1. Smail said


    I’ am learning for SP too, Written is in late March.

    Good luck.

  2. Now that is a sweet rack 😀

    Good luck no SP. I’m sure you’ll do just as well.

  3. Big Evil said

    I have been following your story. Its is amazing to say the least.

    I have to ask, how much does a lab like this one cost? (before the SP upgrade)

  4. Ricardo Martins said

    Cost me about 2000-3000 pounds.

  5. Smail said

    Well, it is not that much.

    How is your CCIE SP progress?

  6. Ricardo Martins said

    Been studying for a week now after passed my CCIE R&S, and I am surprised with the fact that I could learn so much in such a short period of time. Basically Im done, I have QoS and Multicast left and of course SP feaures. I may go for the lab during summer.

    When U like something U learn it fast, and with a solid R&S all becomes easier to undestand as far as SP goes.

    Like my Grandmom says, when u run for pleasure, u never get tired!!

  7. Smail said

    Yeah, R/S and SP have so much in common. R/S has more switching and SP has MPLS.

    Do you use books from IE or IPExpert for SP?

    You said in you CCIE R/S post that you learned for 3 hours every day. Do you think that this is enough or do you had already enough experience and that is why you learned so “little”? I ask because I have a CCIP certificate but absolutely no experience in this field. The biggest router that I configured was a 2811. I configured only site-to-site VPN to 15 locations on this router. Right now I’ am learning MPLS (KnowledeNet) again because I forgot a lot. BGP knowledge is hmm “good”, but never labed it like a should have.

    Man I’ am so nervous because my boss wants that I pass this this year. The IPExpert books will arive in a month!

  8. Ricardo Martins said

    IE is pretty good, knowledgenet is not that great. Well, it is fine for the concepts but the configuration is hard to understand. I have 4 years experience, but mpls is quite new to me….Just take your time and study good. Practice a lot, hands on is far the most important thing

  9. Smail said

    Thanks for the fast reply.

    To be honest, learning theory is boring but it is a must. I can’t wait to pass the Written so I can start to practice.

    You can expect more question from me, if it is not a problem, of course.

  10. Chris said

    Congrats on getting your “numbers”. Good luck with the SP track.

  11. Big Evil said

    “Cost me about 2000-3000 pounds”

    Thats a good price, and about what i am looking a spending.
    Where did you get the gear?

  12. You are a very intelligent person!

  13. I just bought a Skeletek C16U for my newly collected equipment…

    I agree that hands on is a must when learning the theory and preparing for the certifications.

    Congratulations on passing the CCIE R&S exam :o)

  14. gilmar said


    […]Cisco Expert – CCIE SP RACK is in tha House « CISCO EXPERT – CCIE#23373[…]…

  15. Your style is unique compared to other people I’ve read stuff
    from. Thank you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this site.

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