Ricardo Martins

Cisco Expert – CCENT Certified

Posted by Ricardo Martins on October 22, 2008

Today I became a CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician), 3 weeks before my CCIE Lab (1st attempt).

About CCENT exam – Cisco Web Site

I guess I just love certification too much, so normally I take a Cisco Exam every other month just to check what’s new out there, for the case technologies may change or new contents are introduced in some certification.

About the exam:

First of all, I did very well in the exam but let me tell you something…it is hard.
I do have some good experience by now and I have been studying for CCIE for quite a while, but I am thinking, someone who is just starting in Cisco World…ouch, the exam will not be easy.

My advice is, go through as much materials as you can, especially, subnetting, it is definately a topic to master. On the other hand, I am glad Cisco made CCENT and CCNA harder, because it really makes these certifications hold their values.

The key is to study and enjoy networking…yes, because it is very ugly to see CCNA’s out there that they don’t know anything but they are still CCNA’s…you know…


7 Responses to “Cisco Expert – CCENT Certified”

  1. CCNA said

    Congratulations and Good luck for your CCIE.

  2. cisco-tips said

    Congrats my friend. You took an entry level exam now just to prepare your appetite for the top level CCIE later!!!
    Good luck for your CCIE

  3. Ricardo Martins said

    Ty guys. I am going to need lots and lots of luck!! šŸ™‚

  4. anand said

    i am a 12th grade student and i have a dream to go into the networking field….

    i just wanted to know which are the best few networking books i can get my hands on….

    best wishes for your ccie…

  5. Ricardo Martins said

    My advice for you is fall in love with networking. It may sound a bit funny but that’s the way to the success. I used CBTNUGGETS mostly. Also my home rack helped a lot.

    If money is not a problem, then why not take few classes…

  6. Ricardo Parraga said

    Thanks for the Info on CCENT.

    I’ll be taking this exam shortly and the info on your blog is great.

    To study I have gone through the cbtnuggets and read the cisco and sybex book on CCENT ICND1.

    Simulations I have found the GNS3 software really helpful.

  7. jjrinehart said

    Did you achieve your CCIE? What’s your number?

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