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Cisco Expert – What a cool laptop HP 2133!

Posted by Ricardo Martins on October 29, 2008

I tell you what, going to a client site, pull out a HP 2133, a console cable and start applying configuration to the router it is another league. These laptops are so cool and so small. My girlfriend was trying to find a laptop for her so I recommended to buy this one

EEE PC would have been also a good choice but the reason I bought the HP (no not because I am a HP employee) its because EEE PC keyboard is very bad and doesn’t have a hard disk or at least they are very limited 4 to 8 Gb I believe.

So far so good, the only think I may have to point out is that they get hot really fast, as you imagine they don’t have a very sophisticated fan system.

In conclusion, the whole point of this laptop is TELNET…just kidding…I meant SSH.. ;P

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Cisco Expert – CCENT Certified

Posted by Ricardo Martins on October 22, 2008

Today I became a CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician), 3 weeks before my CCIE Lab (1st attempt).

About CCENT exam – Cisco Web Site

I guess I just love certification too much, so normally I take a Cisco Exam every other month just to check what’s new out there, for the case technologies may change or new contents are introduced in some certification.

About the exam:

First of all, I did very well in the exam but let me tell you something…it is hard.
I do have some good experience by now and I have been studying for CCIE for quite a while, but I am thinking, someone who is just starting in Cisco World…ouch, the exam will not be easy.

My advice is, go through as much materials as you can, especially, subnetting, it is definately a topic to master. On the other hand, I am glad Cisco made CCENT and CCNA harder, because it really makes these certifications hold their values.

The key is to study and enjoy networking…yes, because it is very ugly to see CCNA’s out there that they don’t know anything but they are still CCNA’s…you know…

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Cisco Expert – My little Baby = Cisco Rack

Posted by Ricardo Martins on October 2, 2008

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately, as much as I would like to write something in my blog every single day, I have been really busy lately studying, working and so on, and soon I will be a daddy. My Lab will be in a month in Brussels, so I kinda need to study all the time.

Anyways here are some pictures of my home rack, all bought in the ebay piece by piece.

Yes, this is where I spend 3 to 6 hours every day after work preparing for the CCIE R/S.

If I pass it, I will ugpgrade the rack for Service Provider, I am also buying Cisco phones (I only have one) and couple of analog phones to connect to 6 FXS ports I have. I will buy a rack server as well to have WIn2003 Server with a CA authority, TACACS, Radius and AD to play with. And of course Call Manager.

Happy studies to everyone…

R1 = Cisco 2610XM – 128/32
R2 = Cisco 2610XM – 128/32
R3 = Cisco 3640 – 128/32
R4 = Cisco 3640 – 128/32
R5 = Cisco 2611XM – 256/48 – 2FXS
R6 = Cisco 2651XM – 128/32 – 2FXS
R7 = Cisco 1750 – 2FXS
BB1 = Cisco 2501
BB2 = Cisco 2610
BB3 = Cisco 2610
FR = Cisco 2523
SW1 = Cisco 3550 EMI
SW2 = Cisco 3550 EMI
SW3 = Cisco 2950
“SW4” = Cisco 1721
TS = Cisco 2511
2 Analog phones, 1 Cisco 7940

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