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Cisco Expert – Very busy!!

Posted by Ricardo Martins on August 14, 2008

Yes…Finally I started Internetwork Expert workbook II towards my preparation to the CCIE Lab on 12th of November. I have done the workbook I couple of times, so from now on just daily labs over and over again. I still didn’t get all the switches I need to, so I have been skipping  some of the switching questions which I have to get back to it later.

Anyway, I just love to seat with a cup of coffee in my office at home, in my own rack doing all those labs. I gotta confess, if I would go to the lab tomorrow I wouldnt get over 50 points probably. I just get so pissed off with those difficult level 9 and 10 Labs which ask you the most freaking questions. They are just testing you to the limit. I dont even consider that networking anymore 🙂

I would say if the real lab would be around level 6, I could maybe pass it on the first attempt but…. level 8 and 9 it is for maniacs…with absolutely mental redistribution scenarios, IPV6 tunnels and Multicast with tunnels (a miracle if you can ping your multicast group at all)…

After all, CCIE is not for everyone out there…Hope it is for me 🙂

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