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Cisco Expert – 642-432 CVOICE exam – Passed

Posted by Ricardo Martins on July 22, 2008

On thursday 24th, I’m going to take the 642-432 exam. It is my 2nd exam towards the CCVP certification. I have taken the QOS exam about 6 months ago while doing my CCIP certification. Let’s see how this one goes. Voice is actually a very interesting field. It is really cool to see all those sweet IP phones full of colors getting their configuration from a router hehe.

I used Jeremy’s videos, gns3 and couple of routers I have home to prepare for it. I find CVOICE very interesting subject, I love dial-peers and dial-plans. I’m really looking forward to start studying for CCNA Voice as well because I don’t know too much about CME (Cisco Call Manager Express) yet.

Worth to mention, that If any of you wishes to take the CVOICE exam, you can take the 642-436 because the 432’s last day is 7/26/08. Jeremy has upgraded the CVOICE videos for this exam which can be found on CbtNuggets website

My next exam will be the Call Manager one, I have already watched jeremy’s videos, but didn’t have the time yet to set up a call mamanger. It’s not like I’m jumping into the exam without some hands-on.

Wish me luck!!

PS – I just took the exam today (7/24/08) and I passed. I actually found it easier than most of the exams I have done so far. I just felt like I still need to study a little bit more how to calculate the voice calls bandwith. I got one simulation how to configure dial-peers and it felt so good after I applied the configuration to the router, then pressed the phone icon and I could see the phone ringing message poping up hehe. 

Good luck with your studies!


2 Responses to “Cisco Expert – 642-432 CVOICE exam – Passed”

  1. Erin said

    Looks like good information, another good place to go for information would be the Cisco website. I recently got my CCNA from there and i’d recommend it for anyone who’s looking for information on CCA certs or anything else in IT.

  2. Ricardo Martins said

    Thanks Erin!!

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