Ricardo Martins

Cisco Expert – Holiday!!

Posted by Ricardo Martins on July 5, 2008

Hello everyone!!

I have been very busy lately that’s why I haven’t really posted anything lately. I was at Cisco in Dublin for a day for some gold partner training. Then back in Belfast, I was sent 3 days for some HP IT Management training where I had an exam in the end. Still waiting for the result…hehe

After that, I was finally back at my normal day routine. I’m actually very happy that I work for a big company like HP, so I get to go to all these nice trainings.

We are buliding a new project at moment with some new scurity devices, ASA 5510. I had done my CCSP some time ago, but never really had the chance to configure anything related to security in production. It was actually very nice to learn more about it and do some configuration. Cisco has a nice ASDM wizard to easy implement the configurations but I love CLI. However, looks like to me that for implementing secutiry these days, starts to be very hard doing it via CLI.

Anyway, I am in holiday now, just arrived yesterday in Finland where I will stay for a week, I lived here about 5 years before, so I decided to come and visit some friends. We (me and my girlfriend) have a cottage somewhere in north of finland near a lake where we can go fishing in a boat or so. I can already imagine myself, in the boat fishing, in the middle of the lake, with my laptop doing GNS labs..hehe..just kidding..


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