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Cisco Expert – Welcome to Cisco Expert Blog

Posted by Ricardo Martins on June 27, 2008

I just decided to start a blog. Yes, I know it is just another blog out there. I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog for the fact that it would help preparing myself to the CCIE R/S Lab. This way, while I post some technology configuration and the way it works it will help me to learn it better.

I have invited a friend that works with me, to participated in this blog. I believe it is lot funnier to write a blog with 2 people when they both share the same level of motivation.

Another reason I am starting this blog is because it is just nice for others to come and read someone elses experience about something they like. I actually every day visit 4 or 5 different blogs out there, it is just so enjoyable to read about something I love. Yes, we all know, we do this because we find network lovely.

A quick introduction here

My name is Ricardo Martins, I live in Northern Ireland at the moment, I am 26 and I am originally from Portugal. I work for Hewlett Packard since beginning 2008.




3 Responses to “Cisco Expert – Welcome to Cisco Expert Blog”

  1. Nice blog Cisco Cool!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Pedro Mendes said

    Hello! Cert Master!!

    Very nice blog ! I gonna be passing by many times in the future to learn a litle bit more about the cisco world!

    Very nice job Ricardo


    ps:qd vieres a portugal não te esqueças de me dar toque 😉

  3. Joan Telo said

    Hi Ricardo,

    I live in Venezuela. I’m 21 Yr old. I’ll do the CCIE Lab the next yr.

    Nice job!

    I’ll read this every week!

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